How to prevent maskne

Wearing a mask, which is highly recommended if not mandatory of course, unfortunately can irritate the skin. Not only for people with sensitive and impure skin, the protective masks often lead to various problems for any skin type. The impairments range from irritations, breakouts, pimples and acne to more severe skin infections and allergic reactions of the skin around the cheeks, jaw, mouth, nose and chin area.

If this happens to you, there is no need to despair immediately and under no circumstances should the mask not be worn any more. There are a few simple things you should keep in mind when wearing the mask to avoid maskne:

  • Use the mask only once. If you have reusable masks, wash them after use.
  • The mask should be changed daily, if necessary even several times a day. If the mask is damp, it should be disposed of. This is the only way to protect ourselves and others.
  • Get your hands out of your face! Certain germs from the hands multiply particularly strongly on damp skin and mucous membranes under the mask.
  • Cleanse your face thoroughly and use a light, hydrating skin care .

The better the condition of our skin, the lower the risk of skin infections or irritations. That is why you should pay particular attention now to a consistent skin care routine that is tailored to your skin. A good and effective skin hygiene is more important than ever to clear the skin from all the dirt, sweat and excess oil which is trapped under the mask.

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