Skin improvement through LED light exposion - it works!

Reduce wrinkles, lighten pigmentation spots and even alleviate diseases such as acne or psoriasis: LED light is a new and particularly gentle form of skin care that works completely without chemicals and gives the perfect complexion in record time.

Although UV rays from the sun or blue light emitted by screens can cause enormous damage to the skin, the wavelengths act as a gentle therapy when dosed differently. The LED light in red, blue and green penetrates deep into the skin layers and stimulates natural processes there that contribute to a younger, more radiant and healthier skin appearance.

Red LED light stimulates collagen production and ensures that the skin is plumped up from the inside and is therefore an effective anti-ageing method. As the red light promotes blood circulation and counteracts inflammation, it also has a positive effect on skin prone to blemishes and pimples. Red light is particularly effective for severe acne when used in combination with blue LED light - this is proven by a medical study in the British Journal of Dermatology on light therapy for acne vulgaris.

The good news is that you don't need an expensive light therapy device or face mask. With the MeGleam™ LED Light Skin Tightener you have a practical and portable tool that you can use anywhere. You can use it at home or when travelling and always have your LED light therapy with you.

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