MeGleam™ ToGo Portable Soap Sheets

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Your health is in your hands! Clean hands on the go!

With our portable soap sheets you can wash your hands anywhere you go. All you need is one soap sheet and a little bit of water. Remove bacteria and viruses wherever you are, which is very important now!

Be safe and keep your hands clean at all times with this portable paper soap. It comes in a storage box with 20 sheets. When washing your hands, take a sheet of paper, add some water and gently rub it with your hands. The paper will vanish and turn into bubbles with fragrance. 

• This plastic compact travel case holds 20 hand soap sheets.
• Easily fits into your wallet, handbag, backpack, pocket, anywhere.
• To use the sheets just add water and the sheets dissolve in your hands with no mess.
• The sheets are airline carry-on compliant.

Disposable soap sheets

Suitable for all skin types

Useful design and high quality

Convenient to take and easy to use

Neat item for daily life

Companion for travel, camping, hiking, shopping, dining out or other activities

How it works

Step 1 - Keep your hands dry and take soap paper out of the box.

Step 2 - Small amount of water wet the soap paper and hands

Step 3 - Gently rub your hands to produce foam, washing our hands


  • Safe on skin: The soap can help eliminate bacteria on your hands. The soap is gentle on the skin so you can use it without making your skin dry.
  • Convenient: Whether you are at home or in an outdoor mall, you would like to wash your hands and care for your health. Now you can with the portable soap sheets.
  • No mess: No more settling with just wiping your hands or washing it with just water. Soap and clean your hands thoroughly anywhere you go with the soap sheets. With each soap sheet enough for 1 hand wash, you don't have to put the used soap back in your pack which may drip out.
  • Innovative design: The soap sheets come with their own container that fits right in your bag or pocket. Keep them in your wallet, in every bag, in your car, wherever you want, so you have soap to wash your hands with anytime you need!


Item Name: portable soap sheets
Material: plastic case & soap paper
Colors: pink, purple, yellow, blue, green
Product: soap paper (20 sheets every box)
Package includes: 4 boxes of soap paper

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