MeGleam Beauty founder Alexa is a real geek girl. She loves gadgets and whenever possible, she is trying out the latest tools and supports crowdfunding campaigns for innovative products. But not only tech, she also loves all about beauty and lifestyle. So why not combine tech and beauty?

A lot of friends of any age reported about skin problems. Alexa herself began to develop acne in her 30ies and then in her late 40ies. Doctors could not help, stated that the cause was stress and unhealthy lifestyle. It has been a very desperate situation that also her friends are facing.

Furthermore, as we age, our skin looses elasticity and firmness. We have got endless anti-ageing creams but nothing comparable to professional tools used by cosmetic studios. 

There is a huge need of self skin care possibilities. Alexa started to investigate in the beauty tech industry and discovered some very interesting tools for skincare. She tried some out and was intrigued about the results. But not only herself, all her friends and anyone else should have access to all these awesome beauty tools. So she founded MeGleam Beauty. Because beautiful skin is no question of age!