MeGleam™ LED Light Skin Tightener

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 LED Light Therapy Skin Tightening

5 in 1 LED Skin Tightening Device is a new skincare device that uses radio-frequency waves and light photon energy to promote muscle stimulation within the skin to create visible radiance and youthful-looking skin. It promotes skin rejuvenation of collagen and hyaluronic acid by conducting muscle stimulation, mesotherapy and electroporation.


  • Mesotherapy: using a special pulse, directly lead the skin needs nutrients into the dermal layer of the skin and nourish the skin.
  • Electroporation import: through special current open the gap of the skin cells, making the effective skincare cream ingredients directly into the dermal layer with 10 times increase absorption through the skin!
  • RF current: high-frequency electrical resistance heating, effective at improving skin deep relaxation, ageing wrinkles, through the current effective promote lymphatic and blood circulation and body shaping.
  • The microwave pulse: using four levels conduction and special pulse
  • technology, the AC generates microwaves, sparking muscle contraction, muscle tissue, firm skin and restore elasticity.
  • LED phototherapy: LED phototherapy can effectively repair and heal the mirco gaps of the electroporation, needle-free mesotherapy ultra- fine skin, the skin pores and then import the wound period, calming anti-inflammatory effect.

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