MeGleam™ Magic 3D Facial Massager

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Magic 3D Facial Massager

Get firmed and lifted skin by using this facial massager every other day. It is very simple to use with a handy lightweight design for maximum comfort and control. 
Its rechargeable, long-lasting battery delivers long cordless using time and will turn of automatically after it is operated for 5 minutes. 
3 different intensity level allow you to adjust according to your need. 
Two rollers design for 360° massaging and caring your skin, this beauty device produces micro-current to stimulate your skin for removing wrinkle from forehead, eye, chin, cheek, lifting face, lightening eye bag, and promoting lymphocyte detoxification. 
1. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
2. Supplement skin moisture and make skin smoother
3. Reduce puffiness and edema
4. Visible skin tightening, r
estore sagging skin
5. Shrink pores
6. Reduce blackheads and acne
7. Reduce scars and dents
8. Reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes
9. Reduce symptoms of eczema, melasma and rosacea
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It is necessary to apply lotion or toner on the skin before using this product, only in this way the micro-current can be produced. 
Please keep the two rollers contact skin at the same time. 
Men need to shave before using it, because the hair will affect the conductivity.

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